FSN Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year

Rookie of the Year 1992 / Comeback Player of the Year 2009 – Marisa Tomei

The voting is in, and in an unprecented turn of events we have our first ever For Sure Not dual award winner.

After garnering a bit of attention on soap operas and 21 episodes of “A Different World,” Marisa Tomei began to get noticed by directors in the Major Leagues.  My Cousin Vinny director Jonathan Lynn decided to pay a $10 Million posting fee for the right to negotiate a Major League contract with Tomei to play the uncontrollably sexy role of Mona Lisa Vito.  Much like Ichiro coming over from Japan, Tomei still possessed her rookie status despite numerous years of experience in other leagues.

She dominated in her rookie performance, allowing her sexy-filthy Brooklyn accent to shine through while snapping her gum wearing leather pants.  Not even the Academy could deny her sex appeal, as they awarded her the Oscar for Best Sexy Ass Tough Girl Actress Who Could Kick Your Ass In and Out of the Bedroom in a Supporting Role.

For Sure Oscar

GMs and Scouts everywhere were impressed with Tomei’s ability to transistion to the Majors so easily.  After a respectable career, Tomei retired in 2004 after “Anger Management” with Adam Sandler.

In 2008, Tomei came out of retirement to play the role of Cassidy in the critically acclaimed “The Wrestler”  At the age of FORTY FUCKIN FOUR, Tomei still brings the heat, as she plays a stripper and is once again up for an Oscar, this time nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role as a Stripper Wearing Nipple Rings.  She has already been awarded Comeback Player of the Year by me, clearly a defining moment in her career.

Tomei had this to say about her preperation for coming out of retirement:

“I talked to a bunch of different girls and a bunch of different dancers…we just went out, had some drinks, went to a bunch of clubs, watched a lot of dances, got some dances, brought some guy friends with me, brought some girl friends with me…the script called for certain points where the Ram has to put money in my G-string, so I definitely had to be wearing a G-string — I couldn’t be wearing boy shorts…The nipple rings were the most fun to settle on, actually.”

For Sure Nipple Rings

For Sure Nipple Rings



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