For Sure Lose 100 - 0

Dallas Morning News – The final score of the high school girls basketball game was 100-0, and his team had the nothing. Still, a week later, Dallas Academy Athletic Director Jeremy Civello was chalking up the game in the win column. (

This shit is literally unbelievable.  Like it’s off the fucking charts. Go to the site and watch the video, and then come back to me.

And you people wonder why Hillary couldn’t win!?  Lets analyze this video shall we:

1.  You little bitches come out with the most uninspiring roll call I’ve ever seen in my life.  You should have all just said “Hi, I’m an untalented broad and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing”

2.  Your coach Jeremy “I should have my testicles revoked” Civello explains that last week you were beat 100 – 0 and you start giggling like its a silly joke?  If I ever got beat 100 – 0 in anything I’d perform ritualistic suicide like a Samurai who had dishonored his family.

For Sure Seppuku

3. Blondie displays her deep knowledge of the game by explaining that it was embarassing to “get 100 to nothing at the other school.”  Brilliant.  Then she claims that since its only her second year in high school they get a free pass.  High School is only 4 years bitch,  you’re half way through your career.  But shes just happy she tried.  J Christ my head is about to burst into flames.

4. She continues to add that the were afraid of the ball, and they were afraid of the other team cuz they were “6 foot 3, and, ‘you know’.”  Say it.  Just say it.  Get Don Imus on the line and say that you were afraid of the monstrous black chicks who gave you a good old fashioned Texas ass kicking.

5. “We don’t play to win, we play to learn things and get better and bond as a team.”  Sweet Mother of God get Herm Edwards on the line.  You play to win the game!  You practice to learn things and get better, and you bond as a team by making it rain at the strip club. The games however, are played to be won.

For Sure to win the game

6. Then Coach John Wooden steps up and says “It’s nice to see a group of selfless girls who are out there to have fun and not to win…I probably woulda quit if I were you guys.”  Thanks Coach, your competitive edge is razor sharp.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST what a third tri-mester abortion this fiasco is.  At least Dallas Academy’s headmaster Jim Richardson had some fucking sense.  When asked about pulling out of the rest of the season, “We just said, ‘The hell with it’.”  More of Dallas Academy’s competitive spirit.

So to sum up: Dallas Academy needs to invite Don Imus and Herm Edwards to come to the school with their samurai swords, and they all need to kill themselves.




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