Bob Ross KILLED IT. End of discussion.
He also was probably all pilled up 200% of the time. He can talk all he wants about the “Joy of Painting,” but my man was definitely munching on vicodin in his oatmeal every morning,

I always automatically assume Bob Ross was a great guy, but really who the fuck knows? Imagine if there was an E! True Hollywood story on B.R. and it turned out he was some meth head womanizer who just had us all fooled?

Anyway, I digress. I decided I needed to incorporate any and all Bob Ross sayings into my everyday life. The other day I told my boss “I didn’t make a mistake, I made a happy accident.” He told me to shut the fuck up. So what did I do? Same thing Bob Ross woulda done:

I cooked up some meth and did some Paint by Numbers.


***10 Honor Credits to anyone who can work the following into their everyday lives:
1. “Happy Litte Trees”
2. “Ohhhh here comes your bravery test”
3. “Just beat the devil out of it”
4. “Cad Yellow” “Titanium White” “Thalow Blue”

~ Shout out to Cradle Robber for the Bob Ross reminder

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